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Built for Success!​

Single family homes up to 1,700 square feet


Add Pool/Spa $80

Add Termite Inspection $85

Condo's up to 1,200 sq. ft. $280

Fourplex $595

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As a home buyer, you’ve got a lot on your mind. A home inspection is the best way to have the uncertainty of the property’s condition addressed. Let Rolland Inspections help you! We invite our clients to accompany us on the inspection and ask as many questions as they’d like. We follow up with a detailed report, written in an easy to understand format, with pictures and a report summary. Delivery is within 24 hours to your email inbox in Adobe .pdf format.


The inspection findings are always presented in a balanced and fair manner. We take pride in our tact and diplomacy when dealing with clients and others involved in the transaction. The inspection is about informing the client of the property’s condition with accuracy and with recommendations. If there are significant positive attributes, we’ll point those out too. Our goal is to leave all those involved with a clear picture of the property’s condition without over-blowing any particular issue.

The Product

--Computer-generated reports with photos and summary.

--Reports delivered by e-mail.

--All major systems inspected including pool/spa.

--Drone and thermal imaging capable

--Termite inspection licensed for one-stop shopping.

--State of Nevada certified.

--Fully insured.

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(702) 556-3930

State of Nevada IOS.0000022.RES

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